Connecting people in need to people who want to help.

What is Caretivity Cares?

We partner with social services organizations to help us identify people and families in need.

Organizations that provide social services, whether they be child & family welfare, behavioral health services, wraparound services, homelessness, or domestic violence, work with people to help them overcome their challenging situation.

Often, their situations come with financial struggles. They may struggle to afford a car repair, food, clothing, or miscellaneous fees. These financial challenges can prevent them from achieving their goals and desired outcomes.

Our partners try their best to solve these challenges, but sometimes they lack the resources or face too much red tape to do it themselves.

That’s when they turn to us for help.

We recruit everyday people to join our community of donors.

We’ve created a community of people who want to help people in need but don’t know where to begin.

They want to donate directly to people without having their money passed through the hands of government agencies and nonprofit executives, each taking a cut. They want to make an impact directly in their community and know that their money is going toward its intended purpose.

Donors will sign up with us to receive notifications of new needs in their communities.

We connect people in need to people who want to help.

We’ve created a platform for our community of donors to discover and contribute to those who are struggling.

Donors can find people in need on the Caretivity Cares platform and choose to donate to help them out.

Examples of what we’ve done…

A family living in a rural Ohio county lost everything they owned after their house burned down.

Winter was quickly approaching and the children had no winter clothes.

The agency they received wraparound services from reached out to us for help purchasing new clothes.

Within hours, we were able to raise the money for the family and they purchased the winter clothes shortly after.

With the transition to online learning, a family was required to purchase a software program for their daughter with special needs.

The program was designed to help children learn math, their daughter’s favorite subject.

The family couldn’t afford to pay the subscription fee. The school was not able to provide a subscription, and the agency they worked with could not get permission to pay for it either.

They sent us a request to help pay for the subscription. Within just a few hours, we were able to provide the funds and get the child online and learning.

A family receiving services from one of our partner agencies was finally sending their oldest child off to college.

However, their car had old, worn out tires and they could not safely transport him and his belongings to the school.

Move-in day was just a few days away and the family did not have the cash available to purchase a new set of tires.

The agency was able to scrape together part of the total cost but needed assistance from us.

In less than 24 hours, we were able to raise the funds and get the funds to the family to pay the auto shop.

The family was able to make it to move-in day and successfully send their son off to college.

How it works…

Submit a Request

Families who require financial assistance for an urgent and specific need can have their service coordinator submit a request.

Receive Assistance from
Our Donor Community

Once we receive your request, it will immediately be sent to our network of donors who will be asked to help pay for the needed items.

Receive Assistance from Our Donor Community

Once we receive your request, it will immediately be sent to our network of donors who will be asked to help pay for the needed items.

Get Instant Access to Funds

When fundraising is complete, the funds are immediately available for you to use via a Visa debit card. We will notify you if and when the fundraising is complete.

Why we do this…

We believe that anything can happen when neighbors help out neighbors.


True impact happens when people are given the opportunity to give and receive help directly from others.

We want our donors to know that the money they give isn’t being passed through the hands of government regulators and nonprofit executives. 

The money they give goes directly to the families they want to help serve.


People should be able to help people without rules and regulations.

Many of our partners often struggle to acquire funds for the ad hoc needs of their families.

We believe families in need should be able to receive help without having a governing organization tell them what they can and can’t receive.


The only way to achieve true change is for people to come together and provide help.

Our vision for Caretivity Cares is to bridge the gap of providing help.

While paying taxes and giving to charity helps a ton of people in the world, together we’re bridging the gap and allowing help to transpire directly from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of needs can I request funds for?

We ask that you submit requests for specific things of an urgent nature, that if the family doesn’t get, will get in the way of the family’s progress or care. Examples: Car repairs, new clothes, expungement fees, etc.

How quickly will my request be fulfilled?

Our goal is to raise the money in 24–48 hours. Once the money is raised, it will become immediately available for you to use.

What paperwork do I need to complete to submit a request and after it has been fulfilled?
To submit a request, you will need to answer a few questions on our online Request Form. After that, no paperwork or additional info is required.
How does the money get to me?

Once you sign up, you will receive a prepaid debit card in your name that will be reloaded with funds as your requests are fulfilled.

How much money can I request?
We ask that requests stay around or under $200. Requests that are too high may not be fulfilled as easily.
Where does the money come from?
Requests are sent to our network of donors who have volunteered to help contribute to families in need. When a request is submitted, we will post it online to our network of donors who are interested in helping families in need.
Am I guaranteed that my request will be funded?
Since our network of donors is voluntary, we cannot guarantee a request will be funded every time. That said, the more you can share about the family and the reason for the request, the more likely a donor will feel a connection and want to help out.
What is the community of donors?

Our community of donors is made up of everyday people who have volunteered to receive updates about people and families in need.

How is Caretivity Cares different from programs like GoFundMe?

What makes us different is that we have partnered with social services professionals to make sure that the needs we fundraise for are actually needed.

We also encourage our partners to only ask for funding for urgent and specific needs. Not general, large requests like a new house, new car, or medical bills.

How can I get Caretivity Cares for my organization?

Send us a message below with some details about your organization and how you can join the movement. We’ll get back to you ASAP!

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