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Athens County Grandmother needs new tires to transport high needs child

Meet the Family

Grandma has custody of this young man. He was removed from his biological parents due to child abuse and neglect. He has severe scoliosis and other health issues that require him to travel to Columbus for doctor’s appointments frequently. Grandma has been able to continue to have his parents in his life now that they are sober but she is his guardian. She has been able to enroll him in music lessons and help keep him up to date in school. He is having behavioral issues at home due to being at home for the past year but will start transitioning back to in-person school now that the family has received their vaccines. Grandma goes above and beyond trying to help stabilize her grandson and his behaviors, having a reliable vehicle will help tremendously with that.

What They Need

The grandmother of this family is in need of new tires for her vehicle. She will utilize the funding to buy a new set of tires to be able to transport the child to and from appointments and school.

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