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Help Fairfield County Family Provide Appropriate Furniture and Toys for Autistic Child

Meet the Family

The family has been working towards reunification with their children and finding stable housing. Within the past several weeks they have been reunified and have also obtained stable housing within Fairfield County. It is a two-parent household with one parent working outside the home and the other being a stay-at-home parent for their two children. Their 4-year-old child has autism and works with specialists for treatment. They have worked hard to establish financial stability and independent living, however, specialized sensory toys or furniture are expensive and the family is having difficulty gathering funds to purchase items. The parents and child work closely with in-home providers and have identified specific items to help meet sensory needs. The items requested would have a positive impact on the child and family as self-regulation and sensory integration are key components of ongoing autism treatment. Parents would be working with specialized providers from Children’s Hospital and Early Intervention Programs to utilize items appropriately and learn how to help their child develop regulation skills.

What They Need

Parents need supports to purchase sensory toys/furniture for their child that is diagnosed with autism. Parents worked with their providers to identify several different specific items that are of need to help with regulation and sensory integration.

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