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Help give this Union County family a safe and quiet at-home activity

Meet the Family

The family lives on an Alpaca Farm here in Marysville, Ohio. Dad and Mom adopted a sibling group of three brothers, Ages 13, 12, 9. The brothers had endured many years of neglect and abuse before they were adopted which has interfered with their ability to bond and for the family to plan activities outside of the home.

Mom lost her job last year and has just been working at her new job for about 9 months while Dad runs the Alpaca Farm. There are often times when one sibling gets very escalated and results in loud arguments and yelling, which can trigger the other siblings.

The boys work very hard in school, in therapy, and on the farm, but the family is in a tough financial and familial situation.

What They Need

The family’s team of professional and personal supports have agreed that the boys need to learn to work together without conflict and also have fun together. Doing so will help build a productive relationship between them and teach them skills in teamwork conflict resolution.

Working on a farm is a lot of work which doesn’t give the parents much time to spend entertaining the children or taking them out and about the community. Given scheduling limitations, as well as the previous trauma the children have experienced, the team wanted to find an activity the boys could do at home that is safe and quiet.

The family’s team of professional supports decided that the best way to accomplish this would be for the family to get a Nintendo Switch with specific games that help build creative, design, and coding skills such as Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario Brothers. Given their financial situation, they are asking for assistance to help purchase the console and games for a total of $383.

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