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Help this Athens County Family Create Privacy in their Home

Meet the Family

The family has two adopted sons, both 17 years old and both are struggling with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

One son has been diagnosed with autism and doctors say he has the mental capacity of a 3-5 year old. The other son has been diagnosed with RADD, a disorder that sometimes causes him to become emotionally escalated and physically violent.

The family lives together in a house without doors leading to the bedroom or the bathroom. This poses a lot of challenges for the family around teaching and supporting proper bathroom usage and hygiene due to the lack of privacy, as well as having nowhere to physically separate themselves when an emotional outburst takes place.

What They Need

The family has put together a plan with their social workers and service providers to deal with some of these issues. They have decided that installing doors in both the bathroom and bedroom would help them establish a sense of privacy and separation to help de-escalate situations.

However, they do not currently have the funds to purchase these two doors. Together, the two doors will cost $250.

Installing a door in the bathroom will help establish a sense of privacy for the boys, especially the son with autism who is working on his bathroom use and hygiene skills. The bedroom door will also give him a place to retreat to when his brother needs to de-escalate his emotional state.

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