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Help this Athens County family in need obtain stable transportation

Meet the Family

This family adopted two children after being foster parents. Their son has recently decided to move back home after moving out to attend college. He will be pursuing higher education more locally. Their daughter has a lot of higher needs due to developmental and cognitive disabilities. She also has a lot of mental health needs that stem from the delays in her development and cognition. The parents are currently going through a separation/divorce which is affecting their daughter’s behaviors. Due to an increase in behaviors they have more appointments to attend. Mom consistently meets and communicates with providers and is open to new strategies/opportunities to help stabilize her children.

What They Need

This family is in need of a set of new tires for their vehicle. The parents are going through a separation/divorce and they each are trying to find their stability as individuals instead of a married couple. They have a high needs adopted daughter who has a lot of appointments for therapies to stabilize her behaviors. The family is willing to use a combination of other funding, and their own resources to meet the rest of the cost needs to complete the tire purchase. The family is in need of a stable mode of transportation to get their daughter to appointments, provide for their family, and stabilize their living situation with their older son as well.

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