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Help this Athens County grandmother with custody of her grandsons

Meet the Family

This family consists of a grandmother and two of her grandsons. These boys were removed from the custody of their biological parents due to abuse and neglect. Grandma has been doing everything in her power to make sure that the boys are well provided for and safe. They live on a fixed income and do not have money to spare to fix damages done to their home due to regular wear and tear. This family regularly meets with their team of providers and is able to find other resources to help when needed.

What They Need

This family is in need of a stand-up freezer to maintain their food storage supply as well as some construction equipment (paneling, screws, and a new door) to make repairs to their family home. The family has been able to make some of the repairs in the home utilizing other funding but this would finish the repairs that they need and the boys/grandma would not have to worry about the home repairs. The stand-up freezer will allow grandma to have a storage option for the frozen meals that the boys enjoy without causing a safety hazard to herself due to her health and height. She is unable to get a chest freezer since she is not able to reach inside of it.

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