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Help this Union County Family enjoy Family-Time at the Zoo

Meet the Family

The family lives in Union County, Ohio with an 11-year-old son.

The son was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has had difficult behaviors in the past. The son struggles with environments he is not comfortable with, unexpected changes, and some sensory issues but thrives when around animals or learning about them.

Poverty has been an issue in the past but the family is in a better place now that mom has a job as a front desk manager, which has helped build her self-esteem and has eased some stress in the home.

The parents are older adults and had their son later in life, so his half-siblings are mostly adults or older teens who live with the other biological parent.

Due to Dad’s health and limitations, it is difficult to find things to do as a family that the son enjoys (he likes the outdoors, hikes, swimming, and anything that has to do with animals).

What They Need

The son has a GREAT PASSION for animals. He is very articulate and smart-he would love to be a vet or work with animals when he is older.

Animals also calm him and he is happiest when he is around them, learns about them, and sees them.

The family has had a Zoo pass in the past, which they have utilized often, but the pass will expire as of this month. The son always looks forward to going to the Zoo and Zoobezi Bay with his family. Sadly, with the pass expiring, they won’t be able to take their son anymore.

The wraparound team they work with identified that being able to go back to the zoo will allow the child to feel comfortable participating in activities he enjoys, connect with peers, and spend time with supportive adults he feels comfortable with. He has even recently made friends, which he has struggled to do in the past, and needs a safe activity they can do together.

The child is attending a new school and has been doing very well. The team would like to reward him with a zoo pass to celebrate his success.

The family needs $184 to purchase a pass for their family which will also allow him to bring a friend along.

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