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Help Union County, OH Family with Severe Health Issues Enjoy Quality Time Together

Meet the Family

Three siblings, Elijah (8), Harper (6), and Stella (2) all struggle with immune deficiency issues and Elijah and Harper have both been diagnosed with several other significant health disorders as well. Their father is a Nurse Practitioner and their mother has been unable to work as she must stay home to care for the children and take them to their many doctors/health appointments including frequent trips to see specialists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Elijah is currently unable to attend school due to his low immune system and the impact of his symptoms on his learning. The school staff is very supportive and the family has a great team of professional supports but their family and natural supports live quite a distance away. The family is often busy with appointments and managing health care needs but desire to provide as many positive experiences as possible for their children.

What They Need

One of the activities the children enjoy is going to the Zoo but with their health conditions, it is often hard for the parents to go as a family with all the children. We are looking to purchase them a Zoo Pass that will allow the parents to bring a support person with them to help out with the children’s health needs. This family deserves opportunities to provide their children with experiences that allow them to enjoy being kids again!

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