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Two Athens County children need support with online learning

Meet the Family

This request is coming from dad’s household for these two boys. The parents went through a divorce that was finalized last year. The oldest child has a genetic mutation that causes developmental delays, he has also been diagnosed with autism and needs a lot of extra support with schooling. He can receive those services through telecommunication right now and requires a stable internet connection. The younger child has been diagnosed with anxiety and is being tested through the school to receive individualized education interventions to help him succeed as well. Dad has recently lost employment and needs extra assistance to help maintain a stable internet connection to help support the boys’ schooling.

What They Need

This family is a blended family. Dad’s household requires assistance with their internet bill to continue supporting the children with online learning. The family has struggled with some financial hardships lately but they are hopeful to secure employment and figure out their finances in the next month or two.

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